Bus4Us: Transportation for children and teens

Our Policies

All trips will be pre-paid

All trips will be pre-arranged, either via e-mail, web-page, or phone 24 hours plus before, or via phone if less than 24 hours before. We will confirm all requested trips via telephone when final arrangements have been made.

Invoices will be adjusted to reflect all school vacations and holidays.

Invoices will be adjusted for canceled trips if notification is received prior to the start of the school week, the school or activity is unexpectedly closed for any reason, or if Bus4Us is unable to provide service for any reason.

Invoices will be adjusted for trips missed due to sickness if the child is out for more than two days.

Children are expected to be well behaved. Misbehavior, such as constant teasing of another child or fighting will not be tolerated, nor will inappropriate or offensive comments.

Children must follow the instructions of the driver or the driver's assistant (if present)

Seat belts are to be worn at all times.

Passengers will remain seated until the vehicle has arrived at it's destination and the driver has indicated it is alright for passengers to depart.

No smoking is allowed

No food or beverages are allowed on the vehicles

Children must be ready to board the vehicle when it arrives at the prearranged time. Please remember, your tardiness will have an effect on the ability of other riders to make it to their destinations on time.

Bus4Us is not responsible for items left behind. Of course, we will make our best effort to find lost items but, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the child to keep track of his/her possessions.

Cell phone usage by children will be allowed as long as it is not disruptive to the driver or other passengers. Please turn ringer volumes down.

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